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Christmas Paper Sack

Hope & Rainbows

Christmas Paper Sack


Paper Storage Sacks are all kinds of awesome.  Made from triple ply thick brown kraft paper, they are seriously substantial and hard wearing.  The outer layer is finished in white, so you can choose to keep the bag smart and straight, or to scrunch and roll the top down and reveal some of the brown paper inner lining for a more informal look.  Once you're converted to paper storage sacks, you'll be addicted - they hide clutter, organise AND look fantastic.

These Nutcracker sacks are a fabulously generous size - 85 x 55cm.  They would be perfect to bundle up a collection of presents for delivery to another destination... or to keep your own family's gifts slightly tucked away from busy fingers... or simply just to improve the festive look of your home for the season! 

These Sacks are sold individually.